Agile Austria Conference 2025

Agile Austria Conference 2025

30. & 31.01.2025 | HYBRID (On-site in Graz + Online)

Rethink · Reimagine · Revitalize: Agile for the Modern Era

Dear agile friends,

Classical modernity represents a significant change in various areas of life, marked by events such as the Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment and secularization. This led to social changes such as urbanization, the rise of the working class and the emergence of mass industry. By some definitions, this era is considered to have continued to the present day, to have ended in the 20th century or to have been replaced by postmodernism.

We are experiencing a comprehensive change even today.

Our time is characterized by numerous transformations that influence society, the economy and technology. The digital transformation is fundamentally changing how we work, communicate and live, with technologies such as AI, big data and robotics revolutionizing our everyday lives. Companies face the challenge of finding solutions for sustainable development and the transition to renewable energy to drive the ecological transformation.

Social problems such as inequality and demographic change are shaping the social transformation, while the economic transformation is characterized by globalization and the rise of new economic powers. 

In the context of digitalization and globalization, cultural transformation is leading to changes in identity and communication, with new media formats and trends shaping the modern cultural landscape.

When, if not now? Rethink – Reimagine – Revitalize!

Agility in the sense of flexibility and everything that goes with it is no longer a luxury or niche product in today’s economy, but a necessity. With the help of agility, we can change the way we think about traditional business models and organizational structures (Rethink), creatively reinvent ourselves (Reimagine) and question existing processes (Revitalize). The goal for all of us is to promote innovation and use our resources more effectively. Economic and social success, as well as emotional satisfaction, remain the most important measurement criteria from a human perspective.

Next step: “Future Thinking”

So let’s reflect together on the importance of agility for the challenges of our time. We can all take action through “future thinking”. It is no longer enough to prepare for future changes, but to recognize change not as a risk or threat, but as an opportunity and to actively use it.
Together, we are called upon to help shape our future and steer it in a positive direction – agility offers us the right methods, tools and the right mindset for this.

Call for papers 2025

Apply now — we look forward to receiving your submission

The motto of AAC 2025 is
Rethink · Reimagine · Revitalize: Agile for the Modern Era

A jury of the AAC 2025 will decide on the acceptance of your submission. You will be notified of the result after the agenda has been drawn up.

Please keep the entire period January 30-31, 2025 free in your calendar. If you prefer a specific day for your presentation, please let us know when you submit your application. Once the agenda has been finalized, the presentations can no longer be rescheduled.

We are again planning the conference as a hybrid conference. This means that you can hold your presentation on site in Graz or stream it remotely to the rest of the world. Speakers will receive a free ticket for the conference and the evening event. Reimbursement of travel expenses or payment of fees is unfortunately not 

possible, as the net proceeds of our income (tickets, sponsorship money) will be donated to a charitable organization for the 4th time. Submitters will be informed after the review whether their submission has been accepted. The final program is expected to be published in early October 2024.

Presentations and workshops can be held in German or English.

Closing date for submissions: 14.07.2024, 23:59

Possible formats:
• Short workshops (90 min.)
• Talks (45 min.)

These were the AAC23 Keynote Speakers

Hubert Neuper

Vierschanzentournee-Sieger, Olympische Silbermedaille

"ICH DARF ALLES. Erkennen Annehmen Tun"


In his keynote speech, Hubert Neuper talks about the content of his book “Ich darf alles. erkennen annehmen tun”. He points out that fear is not based on anything that is happening right now, but on something that can possibly happen. In the “now”, you can always do something!

Karim Harbott

Business Agility Expert


Karim is a leadership and business agility expert, entrepreneur, author, non-executive director, and international keynote speaker. Over the past 20 years he has worked with some of the most complex agile transformations anywhere in the world.

Die AAC ist ein Erfolgskonzept und soll auch 2023 wieder Knowledge-Austausch vom Feinsten bieten. Denn gerade in diesen disruptiven, instabilen und komplexen Zeiten kann agiles Mindset dabei unterstützen, sowohl zu akzeptieren, dass Veränderung permanent stattfindet, als auch situativ und konstruktiv damit umzugehen.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

Dein AAC-Team

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299 €

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All prices include VAT..

What you can expect

2 keynotes, 30 talks, 4 workshops, 2 case studies, 40 international speakers, Agile Brunch (prior to conference opening), Agile Mingle (networking event after the 1st day of the conference) and over 300 visitors

Conference Venue & Location

WKO Steiermark — Körblergasse 111-113, 8010 Graz

We recommend that you travel by public transport (bus lines 39 and 62 – the final stop is “Wirtschaftskammer/tim” or “WKO – WIFI/tim”; cab – stand on site), as there is only limited paid parking available on site.

The organizers

The Agile Austria Conference is jointly organized by:

Your donations help!

We are proud that the Agile Austria Conference is not only a leading agile event,
but also a charity event that has a real impact on people’s lives – especially young ones.
Every year, all net proceeds from ticket and sponsorship revenues are donated to a charitable organization.

This was the Agile Austria Conference 2023

AAC 2022 impressions

„Aufbruchsstimmung! Agilität beyond Non-IT Branchen, sichtbar durch viele neue Teilnehmer: innen aus der Industrie – der gemeinsame Fokus: im Mittelpunkt steht der Mensch. Grossartiges Event, tolle Community.“

Jürgen Menhart

“The energy and enthusiasm of the attendees were very inspiring and their questions made our session truly enriching. Let’s keep the conversation going  &  supporting each other on the path to agile excellence.”

Melissa Araz

“Danke Agile Austria Conference für die tolle Veranstaltung! Viele tolle Gespräche, Kontakte, Keynotes und Workshops! Looking forward to the next year’s edition!”

Dominik Wutscher

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