Improve your Flow of Value with Automations – Fred Deichler

Improve your Flow of Value with Automations


The rise of remote work has led to development teams being spread out across different locations, presenting challenges in coordinating with globally dispersed teams, managing time zone differences, and maintaining workflow and productivity levels. However, by implementing automation tools and technologies, teams can overcome these challenges and improve the delivery of value.

In this session, we’ll examine how remote work impacts development workflows and explore the various automation tools and technologies that can be used to enhance communication, coordination, and productivity for teams working in different time zones. We’ll also discuss the benefits of cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation when collaborating remotely.

You’ll gain practical insights into implementing automation in your own development environment, with a focus on improving collaboration and the flow of value delivery. By embracing automation and continuous improvement, teams can overcome the challenges of remote work and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact of remote work on development workflow and productivity for globally distributed teams
  • Learn how automation can improve efficiency and speed up delivery times in globally distributed teams
  • Explore different automation tools and technologies to facilitate communication and coordination in globally distributed teams
  • Discover the benefits of adopting a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation, particularly when working remotely
  • Gain practical tips for implementing automation in your own development environment, for teams working in different parts of the world.

Fred Deichler

For over two decades, Fred has been a technology leader, who has been intuitively following the Scrum values and Agile principles even before discovering them. He has successfully led multiple teams on their Agile journeys, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious balance between people, processes, and tools, and continuously striving for improvement. For Fred, personal growth is as crucial as professional development.

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