Data-Driven Agility: Increase Strategic Adaptability and Speed in Projects – Markus Glowasz

Data-Driven Agility: Increase Strategic Adaptability and Speed in Projects


The business world has reached a level of complexity that prompts companies to go beyond the usual agile methods and implement advanced adaptive measures. Most projects today struggle to meet their targets and often focus only on short-term and quick successes, losing sight of strategic value.

To be successful in today’s volatile business world, it is not only important for project teams to adapt quickly to new circumstances. Rather, fast, well-informed, and precise strategic decisions must also be made.

Data-Driven Agility is an approach that combines the concepts and current capabilities of data analytics with the principles of agility and innovation to meet the need for fast yet well-considered and informed decisions, enabling effective agility of teams and projects.

In this presentation, Marcus Glowasz will provide an overview of the key concepts of Data-Driven Agility and how they can make the delivery of projects in companies more effective and successful. Specifically, he will share practical tips on how project organizations and leaders can embark on the path toward Data-Driven Agility without major investments in data technology.

Marcus Glowasz

Marcus Glowasz is an executive coach, trainer and consultant in the field of strategic project management. He is particularly dedicated to the topics of innovation, agility, and digitalization in order to further develop project management.

With many years of international experience in leading complex digital transformation projects, including in the areas of data management, analytics, and AI, he helps organizations and executives define, plan, and implement modernization strategies for effective and future-proof project management.

In his book „Leading Projects with Data“, he specifically addresses the topic of data analytics in project management and shows how to create the cultural conditions to successfully implement data-driven project management.

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