Braucht ein Team von Agile Coaches Führung oder nicht – Michael Rumpler

Does a team of Agile Coaches need leadership or not?


We often ask ourselves the question: What about a „team“ of agile coaches in a company? Are they a team? Are they not? What are they then? Or what not? The lecture takes up some theories, compares them with experienced practice from the daily life of an agile coaching team and after this classification swings to the question: does such a team need leadership? Which leadership? Which not? And how can this be applied to other organisational „formats“? Specialist teams?

Learning objectives:
A thesis and discussion on the topic of whether and what leadership a team of agilists (or specialists) needs in order to create the environment for such a team to be successful in a transformation.

Michael Rumpler

Michael Rumpler has over 30 years of experience in various roles – as software engineer, architect, project and program manager, team leader, development manager and consultant – in companies ranging from startups to large corporations. He is currently Product Owner for Agile Coaching at REWE International in Austria and, together with his team, helps the organization evolve or transform into an agile enterprise.

Whether in coaching, training or brainstorming with his team – for him, it’s not just about finding the „right“ solution, but also making sure that everyone involved keeps enjoying their work.

Even though he was originally driven to software development by a fascination with technology, he now spends most of his time with people and passionately promotes better understanding between development teams, the project organization and business stakeholders. He came to agile in 2006 and has always remained true to it in a variety of roles.

Hannes Kieberger

Hannes Kieberger has more than 25 years of experience in software & product development,technology leadership and consulting, having worked in a variety of industries and rolesacross Europe and the U.S. Since 2014, Hannes provides advisory and coaching services to organizations ranging from Start-Ups to multi-national enterprises.

He is co-founder of itonic Agility Advisors and in this capacity, supports his clients to build great products along their journey of becoming more adaptive, high-performing and resilientorganizations. Hannes’ focus areas are leadership, agile organizations, product excellence and agility at scale.

He discovered his passion for all things around agile while working at a financial services Scale-Up in New York City in the early 2000s. In this fast paced and constantly evolving environment, sensing change, adapting quickly and delivering in short intervals was imperative. Hannes loves exploring which elements of the manifold agile practices, frameworks and schools of thought could best fit in a given organizational context and strives to enable organizations to become learning and continuously developing ecosystems.

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