32 is the new 40 – Anna Löw

32 is the new 40 - how to kill the mental model of a 40hrs week


Entire Countries are experimenting with it, GenZ wants it, Studies show the positive effects! Worked less hours than the long-learned 40hrs/week model became more and more attractive. In this talk I want to share the journey of Giant Swarm (Tech Company, remote, 90 employees) going towards a 32 hrs week. Starting with some theory, I will share the implementation concept and process, the good and the bad stuff, the iterations and our methods to measure success on both business performance and employee happiness.

Learning objectives:

  • How to implement a work hour concept in a company that does not count hours
  • How to organize the work from (mental) 40 hours to 32 in an agile environment
  • How to iterate on concepts which are hardly to be taken back after failure

Anna Löw

Anna Löw is VP People at tech startup Giant Swarm, where she enjoys taking care of „people issues“. Previously, she worked successfully as an HR manager in companies of different orientation and size, including over ten years in technology startups. Her work focuses on organizational development, agile working methods and accompanying growth. Anna is also a systemic coach and mediator and co-founder of MindTheLeader – a leadership network for young companies.

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