Lösungsfokussiertes Coaching für agile Teams (DE)

13:00 - 14:30 Tech. Excellence

Speaker: Veronika Kotrba, Ralph Miarka
Language: German


40+ globally distributed teams and their path towards architectural runways, agile testing, code quality, and DevOps.


Since beginning of 2014 AVL List GmbH has been transitioning from a formerly strict waterfall development environment towards Agile. After successfully introducing and adopted version of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), named ALASKA (AVL's Lean Agile SW Development Process with Kaizen), we reached another challenge. The traditional development practices and tools turned out to be incapable of fulfilling the required speed, agility and expected quality of the new process. How to introduce state-of-the-art development practices like agile testing, software craftsmanship and DevOps to 40+ agile development teams and about 300 people located at 6 globally distributed development centers?

In 2016 we introduced Communities of Practices (CoP) for Agile Testing, Code Quality, Software Architecture and DevOps. Engaged and motivated CoP members managed to create a bottom up cultural change. Two years of focused effort resulted in improvement of the overall development process and establishment the software craftsmanship mindset.

Learning Objectives

* Establishing long living communities of practice

* Creating software craftsmanship mindset

* Initiating bottom up cultural change

* Improving overall development pipeline

* Introducing state-of-the-art methods and tools

* Boilerplating - Improving the improvement process

* Make improvements visible and transparent

Erzherzog Johann Saal