Why Agile

Agile has arrived. But while many nowadays agree that being agile is favorable, being agile for agility’s sake is not the goal. In this track, we want to have a look at the reasons for being agile and if they have remained the same over the years since the Agile Manifesto was created.

Zukunfts Zimmer 3rd floor

How to: Agile

A track for those who are on their way to agility. Leading practices and instructions on how to get there. Taking a look into the agilist’s toolbox and showing how certain challenges in today’s workplaces can be tackled. This track also looks at how to implement agile outside of software development.

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Case Studies

Theory is fine – and many presentations will contain an abundance of real-life examples. In this track we focus on practical examples. Approaches, results and stories from case studies will be shared to give you the possibility to learn from firsthand experience.

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Making work more fun is a great way to motivate people. Games and gamification are being used in agile to achieve even better results. In this track, the audience will be inspired with new and old ideas on how to get work done playfully, change mindsets, and retrospect on existing situations.

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