Multiple Selves?! Growing leaders applied. (EN)

15:00 - 16:00 Future of Agile

Speaker: Cosima Laube
Language: English


Mindfulness is well-known for reducing stress but will it shape the future of agile? I vote with a strong "Yes" as it helps to grow authentic leaders.


In this interactive talk we will first focus on language, identity and awareness and how these rather basic 'human things' are relevant for modern leaders. I will guide you with the help of a validated psychological model how to identify and strengthen your personal leadership abilities. Together we will make connections to where you are right now and which techniques you can take right away to integrate (business) mindfulness directly in your life to actually take the next step towards your best possible selv(es).

Extended Abstract:

In my Bachelor of Science thesis in psychology I did research on the topic of Mindful Leadership. One of the key results was (surprise!) that authentic, people-focussed servant leadership starts with yourself and it evolves with developing your self continuously.

For this session proposal I take one central model of the research and connect it to our practical work-lives. During my research this model influenced me most and made me reflect even on my own life from different angles. The model integrates seamlessly into the IT-world shaped analytical thinking so I am really keen on sharing my experiences and the model with other people in the (IT-)business world.


Learning Objectives

You get...

1. knowledge of a science-backed model for (own) leadership development

2. opportunities to try-out your first steps already during the talk

3. plenty of material and inspiration for concrete practise

.... so that you can continue your personal leadership journey after the talk

Europasaal B

Panel Discussion & Closing

Europasaal A

Take your chance to ask the key-note speakers, well experienced agile coaches, and people from business and industry your questions. Get their opinions, see if they align, and complete your Agile Austria experience with this enlightning moment. Happy to see you again next year.