Mythology and Philosophy of Agile (EN)

16:15 - 17:15 Tech. Excellence

Speaker: Lukasz Olczyk
Language: English


How Agile is misunderstood and applied incorrectly - and what can you do about it.


Even though Agile is a relatively young approach, there are already numerous misunderstandings, false assumptions, and myths surrounding it:

  • Some claim that it's all about IT, and that only product development should be impacted.
  • Others say it's a new, better, smarter way of managing projects, somehow opposing the established methodologies.
  • Yet others univocally reduce Agile to single, most popular framework, which is then turned into process, then often carved in stone forever.

Each of them can jeopardize transformations, cast shadows over results, and - the worse - cause false expectations. Agile is not the silver bullet to solve all problems. It's not yet another methodology. And, while there are several approaches that support it, it's not directly correlated with use of specific framework.

In his speech, Lukasz will take a step back, to see the bigger picture of Agile as a practical philosophy, art, and practice to be universally applied.

Learning Objectives

Ability to use approaches commonly known as Agile across the organization - specifically, outside the well researched and proven field of product delivery.

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