The Spotify Model – Challenges of a Transformation (EN)

15:00-16:00 How to: Agile

Speaker: Christoph Schmiedinger
Language: English
Format: Talk

The Spotify organizational model has been growing in popularity. More and more companies use this perceived blue print in order to reorganize their organizations. The goal: to develop the organization into a fully-agile company. However, it is often ignored that Spotify’s situation in 2012 – when their organizational model was first made public – was a completely different one than those of large organizations in 2018. Even the ideas behind the model are not consistently implemented, but are rather mixed with elements of traditional organizational setups. The result is oftentimes an organization which cannot completely fulfill their targeted expectations. That’s why it makes perfect sense to be inspired by other modern organizational forms like the ones used by Spotify when considering your transformation. But more importantly, the ideas behind the concepts need to be understood and modified to fit your own current situation.

In his talk, Christoph Schmiedinger discusses the challenges of changing to Tribes, Squads, Chapter and Guilds. He talks about the fact that middle management will be greatly reduced as part of the transformation and this change will inevitably be faced with resistance. He examines the critical decision of how leadership requirements of the Chapter Leads will be defined and who will be responsible for performance management and annual reviews in the future. He talks about the challenges of aligning and standardizing many small autonomous teams in large organizations. And he touches on the question of how support units that have no product or solution responsibilities can be best set up to assist the agile working teams. Along with all of these aspects, we will take a look at how Spotify has ultimately developed in the past few years. You can look forward to a lively discussion with real-world examples stemming from supporting agile pioneers as well as organizations that are just getting started.

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