I am Agile – A view on what it means for individuals to become and being agile (EN)

11:00 - 12:00 How to: Agile

Speaker: Wolfgang Richter
Language: English
Format: Talk

Lets move our view for a moment away from the team and to us individuals. What does it mean for a single person to become and be agile?


When I started my agile journey about 20 years ago, I never thought I would call myself “agile” one day. I did not even know, that I went on this journey. I was just interested in doing things differently. But it happened and nowadays almost everybody is supposed to become agile. But what do people themselves need to change? What consequences does it have for individuals? Are there obstacles which are critical, sometimes almost too hard to take? And if so, how can we still survive in this entire agile world now?

In this talk I will introduce some thoughts from coaching and psychology about behavioural change, about change conflicts such as “have-to-cannot” according to the model of Häcker, and about the what it means to “be agile” for an individual.

Schedule: (60 minutes)
1.) My beginnings (5 min.)
2.) 5 Layers of Identity (10 min.)
3.) Concepts of Behavioural Change (8 min.)
4.) Change Conflicts – Model of Häcker (8 min.)
5.) The Agile Individual - Characteristics (9 min.)
6.) Agile Principles vs. Individuality (5 Minutes)
7.) Summary (5 min.)
8.) Q&A (10 Minutes)


Learning Objectives:

This is a talk about highlighting the importance of individuals, and how the Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles affect them. Very often in my trainings and coaching people express their fear to become unimportant, because it seems all that counts are teams any more. And they feel lost, because they do not know how to change their own behaviour, and even if they can. Hence with this talk I want to give people an idea, what agility requires from them and can give to them individually for better results, fun in the job, and efficient collaboration with others. It is aimed more at the beginner’s level.

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