How to motivate Sisyphus (EN)

13:00 - 14:30 Why Agile

Speakers: Robert Herzig, Andreas Höfler
Language: English
Format: Talk

How we introduced gamification into our everyday life to make those tedious unavoidable everyday choirs a little bit more fun.,"While there are new challenges awaiting teams everyday - while innovation and flexibility are key assets - there still remains the tedious everyday work that can be very boring. Everyone knows that unique tasks, that require creative solutions, can be very rewarding. But what if you just have to get a dull job done?

Visualization of work on Kanban and Scrumboards everywhere help to improve the flow of work to some extent. However while a rising velocity chart, a sprint finished or a shorter cycle time might motivate the team somewhat, the gratification from watching charts remains an abstract one.

And then there is all this work, that is not visualized at all - like all the unplanned work deposited on desks everywhere flooding in via emails, phone calls and messengers. How to deal with all those five to thirty minute tasks that are dropped upon someone every day? How to motivate yourself to keep stemming against the tide?

In this presentation we invite you to accompany us on our journey how we started to introduce gamification in our everyday work to motivate ourselves to get more satisfaction out of the dull tasks that need to be done. To make our everyday pushing the boulder a little bit more fun.

It builds on Gamification theory in general, Yu Kai Chou’s Motivational Drives specifically, Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, the Self-determination theory and applies practices from design thinking. While there will be not enough time to cover these foundations, be assured that prior knowledge of them is not needed to enjoy and benefit from our presentation.

We want to share our successes and failures along the way of a journey that has not yet ended and will invite you to come along to take the red pill if you are willing to do so. We want to hand you the spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down and of course we want to play a game.

Values of gamification
Limits of gamification
Awareness of Gamification Risks
Inbox Zero / Getting Things Done
Planned vs. Unplanned Work / Hidden Work
Easy Gamification Samples: Task Battleship, Task Raffle, Progress Puzzle, Trick Shot Game
How long can you work on making a routine task more efficient before you are spending more time than you save

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