Go beyond Agile and Scrum to run even better business transformations (EN)

13:00 - 14:30 Agile Transitions

Speaker: Erich Buhler
Language: English


This session will help create a change plan to any leader, consultant, Scrum Master or Agile Coach in the midst of a business transformation, working to scale up a product or trying to increase the delivery of business value.

 After the session the participant will know:

  •  Insight into why business transformations follow different rules in highly volatile environments
  • How to build a change plan and strategy that can be easily scalable.



Digital products are increasingly influential, but at the same rate that society becomes accustomed to fast-paced advances in innovation, artificial intelligence, and the exponential growth in computing power, so does the market become that much more complex.

Many senior leaders have embraced Agile, Scrum and XP but they have the feeling that something is not working as expected. Alternatively, many feel the desired benefits of adopting Scrum and Agile have not been fully achieved.

While we have experienced the exponential growth of supercomputing power and markets, we are still using old structures, paradigms, beliefs and patterns to structure our organizations.

This session explains how companies should confront highly changing environments and provides practical ideas to create change plans and strategies that help organizations gain greater flexibility while maintaining stability and setting foundations for the company's exponential growth. 

Join this conference from the author of "Leading Exponential Change" (April 2018) to know more about running Business transformations that go beyond Agile and Scrum.

Learning Objectives

Organizational patterns

Exponential growth of markets

how to cope with uncertainty



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