The actual forces that drive organizational change, regardless of structure, and that you can you to foster evolution.


After almost a decade spent helping organizations to evolve into Agile, I'm now looking at how this happens (or fails), sometimes in new and surprising ways, from a different perspective.

The point is to observe those aspects of the real organizational life and behavior that transcend what it's immediately visibile - such as organizational charts, roles, processes and metrics - and start asking ourselves new questions. For instance: why what's visibile is what it is?; is that what we really want of need?; what would we like it to be?; and, most of all, are going heading towards a desirable future?

To give a concrete and actionable form to this approach, over time I've developed (or rather, I'm constantly evolving) a model of practices intended to help asking the relevant questions, so that we can hopefully have relevant answers about how the organization is meant to evolve.

One of these questions is, to give an example, how the management, leadership and coaching forces are distributed - well, after clarifying what they are and what they are supposed to contribute.

During this session, the attendees will be involved in practical exercises and open discussions to practice what they are learning.

Learning Objectives

Being able to observe and direct the organizational change from a perspective abstracted from the stiffness of the organizational structure and processes.

Format: Workshop (90 minutes)

Speaker Biography

I help knowledge-based organizations, including IT companies, to rethink their organizational dynamics, their organizational structures, their mental models, their practices and their processes, to let them operate better in the 21st century.

I work closely with executives, managers and teams and I do a number of things including one-on-one coaching, team coaching, consulting on specific practices and, occasionally, hands-on training.

I’m especially interested in distributed leadership and self-organization for knowledge-based organizations, a topic that touches on a number on subjects, including non-conventional organizational structures and individual and collective communication and social skills. And, I’m a long-standing Agile practitioner.

In over 20 years of professional experience, I worked with organizations as big the United Nations’ FAO and as small as dynamic post-startup companies, in many different countries. I have a wide range of expertise, in both the public and private sector, with both large and small organizations and with different cultures.

I'm based back in Europe but I've also worked in the USA on a O-1 visa for "extraordinary abilities in Sciences”.

As part of my regular activities, I enjoy sharing what I know by speaking at major international conferences.