Best practices about distributed delivery across several locations in agile software projects


At Catalysts we always had distributed development teams. Over the years we defined some best practices and were successful in delivering projects on time and on budget with teams distributed across several locations. In the talk I want to share my project history with focus on some interesting facts about what we did and what helped us for distributed delivery. I will share our goals that we want to find the best heads all over the world and find the best team that fits a customer project, independent of the location. Distribution also helps us in knowledge sharing and provides flexibility to employees – e.g. one can be close to the family or combine some working days with skiing holidays in our office in Innsbruck as an example.

I will share our best practices, from having a group chat with written messages over ticket and wiki systems to daylong video rooms. I will show some of our techniques and tools like our CatPhone – see

The talk will summarize our best practices and should give some motivation for remote collaboration and distributed teams.


Format: Talk (60 minutes)

Speaker Biography

Hi! I am a coder and project/team leader at Catalysts and software is my passion. Since I started working at Catalysts eight years ago, I had the chance to deliver different software projects in different technologies always having a different team setup. I learned to have distributed development teams and I am passionate about connecting team members in a software project, independent of the office location, to share my knowledge and learn from others.