Full Metal Agile


The real-life stories that inspired the Agile Drill Sergeant cartoons.


This talk goes behind the scenes of the Agile Drill Sergeant cartoons (www.agiledrillsergeant.com). Most of the cartoons were inspired by real world experiences of various agile transitions that myself and my fellow coaches at ANECON have experienced. In this talk I will go through what happed in the real world and how that inspired the cartoon that followed. The topics covered include team building, retros, agile transitions, Scrum vs. Kanban, management expectations and other miscellaneous misadventures.

So there will be insights into agile transitions as a frontline coach - but mostly I hope there's a smile on your face at the end of the talk!

Learning Objectives

For scrum masters and agile coaches: "I'm not alone!"

For managers: "Do I really come across like that?"

For everyone else: maybe a smile on their faces!

Format: Talk (60 minutes)

Speaker Biography

Robert Finan always liked drawing, but his father made clear there wasn't much of a career to be had in it. Having accepted that his talent would only have proven his father right, Robert studied engineering at Trinity College Dublin before acquiring a master's and a doctorate in Scotland.

Robert has been an agile coach with ANECON for the last 4 years. It was here that he decided to apply to his drawing the same lessons that he taught his customers: iterations, time-boxing, sprint goals, inspect and adapt, strive to get something done rather than striving for perfection. After 3 decades of starting comics and never finishing them, this agile philosophy led to over 40 finished cartoons!