Netconomy grew over the last years not just in amount of people but also in sites. Here we explore together what we learned on making that work.

Learning Objectives

  • How can a Scrum Team be efficient without being at the same place
  • Which tools can be used to make teams successful even on long distances
  • Which patterns can be recognized
  • What learnings Netconomy had on the way to have teams that are 100% distributed

Format: Talk (60 minutes)

Speaker Biography

Philipp Eisbacher works in Software Development for more than 10 years in various roles. He is a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach for Netconomy for 4 years and is helping multiple Scrum Teams to master all challenges that appear in a eCommerce project. Half a year ago, Netconomy founded an office in Berlin which is build up by him. There he can try first hand how remote collaboration works and which challenges come up with it.